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A Mother's Journey

A Transmutaion of Love

7/24/07 02:53 pm - selkie_queen - The Transmutation

Long time no post, I'm back and I come bringing the birth of Faith and Fortitude.

The TransmutationCollapse )


10/27/06 12:34 pm - selkie_queen - Colored

Fanart by me with the various Virtues, CGed. For the most part I'm damn pleased with this.

Enjoy the offering.

One man's sins are another man's virtuesCollapse )

10/20/06 04:41 pm - selkie_queen - The Major and her Crew

My scanner is back in business, however I still need an art program so they don't look so...hand drawn ^^;;; If anyone knows of a CHEAP, decent art program, throw me a bone please?

Major Elric and CoCollapse )

10/13/06 09:27 am - selkie_queen - Red Stones

Since Toby brought it up, an explanation.

Red StonesCollapse )

10/12/06 03:08 pm - keytobias5 - Scar

Birth_Of_VengeanceCollapse )

10/11/06 12:36 pm - selkie_queen - Laying Blame

Another fic, written in my break between classes. I was originally going to write about Fortitude, but then I decided to change and get some backstory in.

Laying BlameCollapse )

10/6/06 10:50 am - selkie_queen - The beginning

This is the small fic that started my idea for this community.

Major ElricCollapse )
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